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Monster Axles XP Series

XP Series

After years of design refinements and real-world testing, we are pleased to announce the release and availability of our extreme performance MONSTER AXLES XP Series.

The performance of our XP Series axles addresses all issues and demands of today's high-powered, highly modified monster mud machines. The long list of features makes them the number one choice of enthusiasts who want to take their stock vehicle to a much higher performance level. These include:

  • 4340 Chromoly Steel CV Joints: larger, stronger, and more durable than stock.
  • GEN II Technology: ingenius design has additional machined grooved cut into the ball tracks and contact surfaces to allow for better lubrication flow. This increased lubricant flow cools the joint more efficiently and ensures more even distribution of lubricant throughout the joint giving both better performance and longer life.
  • 40 Degree Angle of Operation: our design is fixed to the shaft and gives up to a 40 degree angle of operation thus preventing the bar from hitting the inner CV joint housing.
  • XP Telescopic Shafts: XP shafts telescope, allowing for use on stock sizes up to a 4" lifted vehicle. The plunge mechanism of the shaft is a unique ball & cage design allowing for a smooth range of travel without binding or catching like many splined shafts.
  • Puncture Resistant CV Boots: puncture resistant material with a multi rib design allows for more flexibility and increased durability.
Monster XP series axle cutaway diagram

Competitor Comparison

Competitor's Product The Problem Monster Axle XP Series
Extended yoke splines Causes burs which in turn can cause the yoke to get stuck Unique ball and cage design
Plunging inner joint Axle bar rubs against the inner joint housing Fixed inner joint
Traditional housing Poor circulation of joint grease which causes overheating Additional machined grooves allow for better lubrication flow.
Machined yoke splines Reduced integrity and strength of shaft Cold forged ball bearing grooves

Built to Last

We've installed the Monster Axle XP Series on a 3 inch lifted Polaris RZR. The RZR has seen 1300+ trail miles for over 3 years. At no point in time were the boots ever punctured or the axles removed for any reason. Simply put, our XP series is built to last.

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Monster Axles: Beware of the Beast

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